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Ways to Stage an Outdoor Space for Cooler Weather

During the pandemic, outdoor space has become a premium consideration. Homeowners are sprucing up their spaces to maximize every square inch of their properties, and home buyers are reportedly giving more weight to the outdoor appeal of homes. But as the weather cools, how can you continue to take advantage of these spaces?

Here are few tips from a recent article on® that you may share with your clients:

Add a fire pit.

Outdoor fireplaces or fire pits are a big win once the sun goes down and the weather cools off. You can even stage the area with ingredients for s’mores.

Add plush cushions and blankets.

Wrought-iron or plastic deck chairs come off as cold. Add seat cushions, outdoor pillows, and a basket of warm throws. Wool blankets are the best for regulating temperature, which make lingering on the patio or in the yard luxurious.

Add a heat lamp.

Patio heaters have become one of the hottest accessories this fall as the temperature drops. The phrase “patio heaters” has reached a record volume of searches, according to Google Trends. Standing propane or electric heat lamps, or an infrared heating device installed on a porch ceiling, can warm up a space.

Add an all-weather rug.

An extra layer on your outdoor space can cozy it up. All-weather rugs are made to withstand weather changes, particularly those made from polypropylene. Outdoor rugs can add something underfoot as you walk on a back deck, plus provide a pop of color to liven up the space.

Add extra lighting.

Consider adding twinkling Edison bulb lights wrapped around the top of a pergola or a back deck; glowing lanterns or Mason jars with tea lights on side tables; or tiki torches placed strategically in the yard.

October 6, 2020.Realtor Magazine. 5 Ways to Stage a Cozy Outdoor Space for Cooler Weather.

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