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Marketing Tip: Go for the Easy ‘Wins’

In a challenging market, real estate professionals should make sure they’re focusing on easy “wins,” such as optimizing their profiles across agent-based and social media platforms.

The agent’s goal is to highlight their skill sets and talents so that it’s easier to attract potential leads.

It starts with agents creating their brand and personalizing it. When creating a weekly or monthly e-newsletter, agents should infuse their personality – and their brand – in it. This includes using their personality and their marketing are one and the same. They should:

· Use their own voice for social media posts

· Tell personal stories that apply to a topic

· Use good-natured humor

· Leverage nostalgia

· Encourage audience engagement

· Simply show their human side

When it comes to social media, have consistency.

Agents should be active on at least one social network on which they can run ads, share useful content and share videos.

Real estate professionals also should use traditional methods of lead generation.

Including phone calls (following federal and state do-not-call laws), targeted mailings and networking events. They should also reach out to past customers and see how they are doing and remember to update their CRM with that information. Stellar service should be paired with asking clients honestly for their business.

January 20, 2023.Florida Realtors. Marketing Tip: Go for the Easy ‘Wins’.

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