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Biophilic Design Trends

1. Seeing green

One of the easiest ways to add a touch of biophilic design? Go green—literally. Colors in greens are huge this year, and it’s been proven how much of a relaxing color green can be. We’re seeing green in cabinetry, wall color, even toilets this year. While painting an accent wall emerald or lime isn’t enough to say a home has biophilic design, it’s an accessible way to ease into the trend. For younger, budget-conscious tenants and homeowners, incorporating biophilic concepts through paint and artwork is often the first step.

2. Living walls

Homeowners are getting creative with plants. As HGTV has pointed out, living walls—walls covered with living plants—are trending. They’re also a classic example of biophilic design. Millennials in particular are using elements of biophilic design by adding [living] walls.

3. Natural, native materials

There’s nothing that connects an interior to its natural surroundings like nature itself. Natural stone is having a huge resurgence this year. Homeowners are opting for “authentic” materials, even when they cost more. That includes natural stone countertops over engineered quartz and hardwood floors over luxury vinyl plank.

4. Emphasis on landscape design

The days of shiny new builds on lackluster plots might be coming to an end. Today’s biophilic-minded clients want their outdoor spaces to feel like a true extension of the home. That could be using the same plants or potted trees in outdoor landscaping and indoor living. Or it could simply mean that transition spaces, such as screened-in porches or outdoor kitchens, get just as much design attention as the main bedroom, bathroom or kitchen.

March 1, 2023. National Association of REALTORS. 5 Biophilic Design Trends.

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