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Elements Your RE Website Should Have

Websites can help attract potential customers by highlighting agents’ experience, offering contact info and featuring listings, video content and more.

Real estate websites can help attract potential customers by highlighting agents’ experience and know-how and how to get in touch. It is important that websites be created and maintained at a high level. Agents who do not have the time or experience in web design can turn to an expert, family member, or friend who might be able to assist. As part of the website-building process, agents should learn how they can eventually update and maintain the site themselves.

The website should feature professional photos of the agent, images of the areas served, and current and past listings. Other options include purchasing stock imagery from online sources.

The home page in particular should feature only a few blocks of text. Other features should include current listings, reviews from past clients, knowledge in specific areas, and video content such as market updates and property tours.

Additionally, the website should add a social media feed through such tools as Juicer. Contact information should be easy to locate, such as on a “Contact” tab on the navigation bar and a phone number or email on the footer of each page.

Blog or knowledge articles should feature a call to action, such as clicking to contact the agent to learn more, which takes the user to the contact page. Ideally, the real estate website should be working around the clock to provide lead generation opportunities.

February 28, 2023.Florida Realtors. Elements Your RE Website Should Have.

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