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Ways to Bring a Stale Listing Back to Life

Even in a robust market, some homes may have a difficult time attracting buyers’ attention. It’s important for agents to get creative and overhaul a struggling listing to find the right buyer. Here are some tips to bring a stale listing back to life:

Have an appropriate staging in a home.

Having appropriate staging in a home is essential so potential buyers can envision how they would live in the space. This means not using oversized furnishings in small spaces or using too many styles of furnishings.

Make sure the exterior provides adequate curb appeal.

Agents may encourage their client to invest in a gardening service or tackle the exterior using a weed whacker and lawnmower. Other areas to examine include the exterior paint, driveway conditions and even the mailbox.

A full reshoot.

Once the property is updated, a full reshoot becomes necessary, or at least reshooting the best elements and adding them to the marketing materials and MLS profile. The photos should be high-quality, and preferably vetted by fellow agents or the marketing team.

Review the Listing copy.

The next step is reviewing the listing copy to ensure the home's amenities and features are adequately described and there are no typos.

Assessing the marketing campaign.

Agents should focus on getting the home in front of the right set of potential buyers and ensuring that the narrative of the home is likely to resonate with them. The listing may benefit from an interesting video, a different image on the front of the postcard, or a refreshed headline in the e-blast copy.

November 18, 2021.Florida Realtors. 5 Ways to Bring a Stale Listing Back to Life.

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