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Top Upgrades for Entertainment Areas in the Home

As owners remodel and buyers look for that perfect home, with the prospect of entertaining guests in the near future, entertainment updates are gaining in popularity. The top entertainment updates to a home with the potential for the largest return on investment are centering around the backyard, basement, and kitchen.


A fire pit with a bench or couch ranks as the number one backyard entertainment feature. Real estate pros surveyed cited this as a top upgrade among home buyers in their market. More than half of real estate pros also cited ambiance with a warm glow from lighting as a top backyard entertainment upgrade. Below are the top upgrades for the backyard:

- Firepit and bench/couch area

- Lighting

- Built-in grill

- Outdoor living room


The basement is also getting more attention among homeowners for a way to upgrade their entertainment spaces in their home. Real estate pros cited the basement guest suite as a top upgrade among home buyers in their market. Below are the top upgrades for the basement:

- Separate bed and bath for guests

- Rec room setup for ping-pong or pool

- Separate playroom for the kids

- Separate workspace


The kitchen is often the center for entertaining at home. Kitchen islands remain a spotlight, along with stools to accommodate extra seating. Below are the top upgrades for the kitchen:

- Bar seating

- Island or peninsula with a raised countertop for gathering

- Combination family room/kitchen on the main floor

- Large pantry with counter/ability to hide food prep mess

April 28, 2021.Realtor Magazine. Top Upgrades for 3 Entertainment Areas in the Home.

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