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Tips To Be Prepared At The Final Walkthrough

One critical step before closing on a home is the final walk-through, which occurs typically a day or two before closing. It allows the buyer and their agent to check the property for any new signs of damage, inspect appliances and systems, and ensure that the home is reasonably clean and in good condition. Not sure what to bring? For starters, carry your phones and chargers to take pictures, videos and notes. It is also a good idea to carry a checklist of what is included in the sale and have the contract to refer to.

Here are some tips you can use at the final walk-through:

Check the electrical system.

If you flip on a switch and the light does not work, be wary. It could be a sign of a deeper problem with the wiring that needs to be sorted before closing. Verify that security systems, doorbells, and garage doors are also working.

Run the AC/heating.

The big problem with heating systems is that part of the unit could be outside – the compressor, coil, electrical components, and fan – making it difficult to find the fault. Other common problems can be related to lack of gas, corrosion, or a faulty compressor. This is one of the most vital systems in your home, so make sure it works.

Run anything mechanical.

This means flushing toilets, running the dishwasher, washing machine and dryer, and trying ceiling and exhaust fans.

Review all repairs.

Carry a copy of your inspection resolution, which details how the seller will correct the items they agreed should be fixed. Inspect each repair ensuring that is completed according to the terms of the contract. Repairs may be done by the seller or a licensed professional, so check the wording on your resolution to determine that the repairs have been made as stipulated.

Inspect the bathrooms.

Check that bathrooms are free of water damage, standing water, and mold by the shower, sink, and base of the toilet. Also, test toilets to make sure they are not running, and turn on all faucets including showerheads to ensure they have hot water, do not leak, and do not spray erratically.

October 28, 2020.Florida Realtors. Final Walkthrough? Be Prepared and a Stickler for Details.

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