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Things Home Stagers Wish Real Estate Pros Knew About Staging

November is Home Staging Awareness Month. The Real Estate Staging Association recently spoke to home stagers and asked them what they wish real estate agents better understood about professional home staging.

The following are some of the most common misunderstandings they cited:

Staging is not interior design.

A professional home stager is an interior designer in reverse. Their objective is to make a home look as inviting as possible to a broad audience. So in other words, they take away design elements rather than introducing new ones. Decluttering a house is always the first thing on a seller’s to-do list. Professional stagers simply organize and fine-tune that process. When all the extraneous items are taken away, the stager may add some neutral touches that will help buyers see themselves in the home.

It’s more than installation day.

Professional home stagers need time to prepare. There is planning and preparation that goes into it. Real estate pros should bring a home stager in for a consultation as early as possible so that they can work with the client to discuss the listing agent's process, timeline, and budget for staging.

Let the home stager sell their services directly to sellers.

You don’t want to jeopardize the listing by pushing outside services. Not to mention, home stagers say, it’s usually easier for a professional third party to tell a seller that their cat odor is really bad. Let the professional home stager do the dirty work.

Professional staging is your silent partner.

Some agents may balk at the idea of professional staging. But according to the National Association of REALTORS®, 82% of buyers’ agents report that professional staging helps clients visualize a home as their own. As more and more buyers search for properties online, it’s more critical than ever that sellers make a great first impression. Staging a property has a tremendous influence on a buyer’s decision to see a property in person, and perhaps even make an offer.

October 31, 2022.Realtor Magazine. 6 Things Home Stagers Wish Real Estate Pros Knew About Staging.

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