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Sales Mistakes to Fix Before the Market Changes Again

Every real estate pro makes these errors at one point or another. But you have to learn how to prevent them in the future to keep your business viable.

Lack of Value in Yourself

Before you can communicate your value to consumers, you must first believe that what you bring to the table is valuable. The first step is to treat yourself and talk about yourself as a person of value and worth. Let the customer know that your value lies in everything you’ve done to prepare yourself as a professional: the certifications, the education, the vast network of local experts and the memberships.


In a relationship business like real estate, your customers often become your friends. Organic bonds are created in the trenches of the home search and the transaction. It’s easy to fall out of touch. It’s important to make regular, consistent follow-up an integrated part of your business practice so that you stay top of mind when the need arises.


In a changing market, there’s no room for being picky about which types of clients you’re willing to work with. One way to ensure you’re not implicitly weeding out clients is to standardize the way you collect information. Use an intake sheet for each and every inquiry. Start conversations with the same questions. This way, everyone starts on the same footing when they reach out to you.

Living Paycheck to Paycheck

The real estate industry isn’t known for financial frugality, which can cause personal and professional issues. No matter how you approach your finances, Brown said, it’s important to hire a bookkeeper, make a plan and track where your money is going.

November 13, 2022.Realtor Magazine. 7 Sales Mistakes to Fix Before the Market Changes Again.

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