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Questions Agents Should Be Ready to Answer About the Garage

The garage has been gaining prominence since the start of the pandemic, not only as a place to park cars but also as a place to explore hobbies or even host semi-open-air gatherings.

Real estate pros should be ready to address these potential questions from house hunters who are looking for a garage:

How big is the garage?

Buyers will want to make sure the garage is big enough to fit their cars and recreational equipment. Ceiling height could be an important consideration, too, in addition to the number of stalls. Sellers would be wise to get all their cars out prior to showings so buyers can size up the interior of the garage from top to bottom.

What does the garage floor look like?

During video tours, real estate professionals should not only zoom in on the interior walls and ceiling of the garage but also the floor. Examine the floor for any substantial cracks or crumbling concrete. If the floor has been finished with epoxy, check to see if there are any problems peeking through.

What stays in the garage and what do the sellers plan to take?

Home buyers need to learn what features will be staying in the garage and what the seller will be taking with them.

March 31, 2021.Realtor Magazine.3 Questions Agents Should Be Ready to Answer About the Garage.

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