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Lead-Gen Ideas to Help You Through the Holidays

With the holidays coming, it’s time to prepare for next year and to work on your business (and yourself). This is the perfect time to tackle some tasks, create new habits and decide what you want your real estate business to look like going forward.

Here are things to do now to prepare and set the pace for a consistent, productive 2023:

Add 10 people to your e-newsletter list and CRM database.

Meet someone at an open house? Floor duty? Add them to your e-newsletter list and CRM database. Don’t have an e-newsletter or CRM? This is the time to get them up and running.

Attend one professional networking event.

Check out events offered by your state association, local association, neighborhood groups, local chamber of commerce and local networking groups.

Try a time-blocking strategy or recommit to yours.

Don’t know where to start? Check out the Ninja Selling System time blocking strategy at or Tom Ferry’s system at

Save at least five new property searches.

Use your brokerage’s IDX website or your MLS to stay on top of changing inventory, price decreases and withdrawn or expired listings to make sure that you can advise your clients using real-time data.

Pull stats for a specific neighborhood.

Use Florida Realtors® SunStats, the MLS and Realtor Property Resource (RPR) to create a micro-market report to share on your social channels. Commit to updating these reports once a month. You’ll be surprised how quickly your followers will start to engage with this information if you post it on a consistent basis.

Host an open house.

Yes, open houses are back! Now that properties are sitting for more than a minute, this is a great time to get back to this marketing staple. Always have at least two adults present, so invite a new agent, your favorite lender or a title rep to come with you. It will create energy around a listing.

Get outdoors.

Treat yourself to time in nature. Have lunch in a local park, take a walk and smile at strangers. This market shift is the perfect opportunity to find a little more balance, in your business and in your life.

October 177, 2022.Florida Realtors. 20 Lead-Gen Ideas to Help You Through the Holidays.

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