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Home Remodelling Trends to Watch in 2021

Open floor plans are out; dedicated spaces for remote work and learning are in. Yards are being transformed into entertainment spaces and walls are being repainted. At the same time, increased demand and safety concerns can make the remodelling process much longer than before.

Here are some trends to watch for this 2021 home-remodelling season.

Making room for home offices

The home office trend isn’t going away anytime soon. Homeowners aren’t adding square footage to add offices to residences, rather, they’re taking out rarely used closets, like in the hallway, and moving interior walls to make space.

More outdoor living

People want their backyards to be their oasis. Homeowners spending more time at home may also start to seek out remodelling projects that bring beautiful outdoor views inside – for instance, by installing larger windows or glass doors that let in more natural light.

Bold colors

For homeowners, striking paint colors could be an appealing low-cost way to add depth, excitement and personality to a room without overwhelming it.

A focus on dedicated spaces

This year expect to see homeowners spending less time knocking down walls to open up shared areas, and more time transforming spare rooms or nooks into dedicated spaces. That might mean adding a home office or home theatre, for instance, or transforming a nook into a space for distance-learning.

April 12, 2021.Florida Realtors. 5 Home Remodeling Trends to Watch in 2021.

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