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Fix These Problems Before Taking Listing Photos

A strong online photo presentation of a home may have never been more important than it is now. Real estate pros will want to make sure their seller clients prepare their houses so it’s captured in its best light. Home stagers often will give recommendations of items to remove and how to position furnishings or accessories. Below several items to remove before a real estate photography shoot:

Small Rugs

Floor mats and runners can make a space appear smaller. You want to be able to see the original flooring, and if you move tiny rugs and floor mats, it makes the space look bigger.

Mismatched Lightbulbs

Using both warm and cool lightbulbs in the same space can cause bad lighting in the photograph. Make sure to use the same type of lightbulb in the room. Most home stagers recommend warm or soft white bulbs with lower Kelvin ratings.

Tall Vases

Large floral arrangements can be distracting in a two-dimensional photograph, and they can also hide the depth of a space. A low-profile arrangement would be better in a photograph to help maximize the viewpoint and layout.

Too Many Appliances

Smaller appliances should be stored away to keep counters clean and open as much as possible. While it all depends on the size of the kitchen, your aim should be to declutter countertops, keeping just a coffee maker or perhaps a knife block tucked away into each corner.

June 4, 2021.Realtor Magazine. Fix These Problems Before Taking Listing Photos.

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