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Factors Homeowners Should Consider Before Installing A Fence

Another sign of the pandemic’s influence on home renovations is the increased construction of fences. Despite the difficulty finding lumber and spending more for materials during the pandemic, new sources from places like China—and new materials, like welded wire panels from farm supply stores—are helping meet fencing demands.

If your clients are considering installing a fence, offer them these considerations and suggest they gather more information from the American Fence Association and its list of AFA contractors.


The style and detailing—including pickets, backer rails, caps, and latticework—reflect a personal preference that generally relates to the home’s style. Many big box and garden stores sell readymade pieces, while custom work can be fashioned that can add novel details.


Before putting up a fence, homeowners should study their property survey to know where a fence belongs. Some homeowners might ask a neighbor if they want to split the cost.


There is a wide variety of choices, from wrought iron to pressure-treated wood, cedar, or ipe (similar to teak), plastics such as vinyl, and faux woods like Trex and Azek. Each offers its own pros and cons, including different prices to different degrees of durability and sustainability.


Most municipalities regulate residential fence heights—some won’t allow one around the front yard. Cities are also likely to weigh in on fences within the property, such as those enclosing a swimming pool. Homeowners should check their local regulations for specifics.


Most costs have gone up during the pandemic as materials have become scarcer, particularly wood. Certain woods have always been more expensive than others. Metals, too, can be pricey.

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