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Easy Ways to Light Up Your Listings

Lighting matters for making strong impressions. In a 2020 survey of 1,000 real estate professionals conducted by HomeLight, a real estate referral company, 45% of respondents said a home with outdated light fixtures can be a big turnoff to potential buyers. Decorative light fixtures—often referred to as the “jewelry” of home design—and natural light can instantly change the feel and look of a space.

Home stagers offer up ways to help find the right light for your properties.

Filter in natural light.

Dated window treatments—like valances, drapes, and curtains—not only block natural light but also risk making your sellers’ home look outdated. Let as much daylight into the room as possible. Overgrown shrubbery can also block light and any picturesque views.

Swap outdated light fixtures.

Decorative lighting that makes an artistic, sculptural statement is a growing trend in home design. Popular fixtures for chandeliers or pendants include geometric or ball-clustered shapes, spiral chandeliers, and gridded honeycomb compositions. Many of these fixtures are in gold and brass metals to make them a room’s focal point.

Layer in the lights.

Don’t rely solely on overhead fixtures to light up spaces. Stagers often will layer the lighting with at least two table lamps and possibly a floor lamp, depending on the size of the room. Using lamps for uplighting against a wall can make a room feel taller. Height and scale matter, too.

Use softer bulbs.

Swap out high-intensity light bulbs for warm or soft white ones with a lower Kelvin rating. Keep all the light bulbs at the same wattage. Consistency is key in good lighting, especially for taking photos of a staged home.

Bulbs and windows aren’t the only light sources at your disposal—reflective objects such as mirrors can work, too. Mirrors can be placed opposite a window, over a fireplace, or near a lamp to reflect the ambient light in the room and have a multiplying effect.

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