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Easy Ways to Give the Backyard Instant Cachet

Homeowners have focused heavily on making the backyard more functional since the pandemic, but it’s important not to forget about style and aesthetics.

Here are some inexpensive touches that can give the backyard a luxury look.

Set up outdoor “rooms.”

Create easily defined areas within the backyard for activities like cooking, eating, and relaxing. The separation of a dining, lounging, grilling, and kids’ play areas will create organization and a natural flow. Creating different “rooms” within the backyard will make it feel like as much of a sanctuary as your actual house.

Get creative with lighting.

One of the easiest ways to elevate the backyard is to incorporate fun and practical lighting. It doesn’t take many lights to transform an outdoor space into a beautiful and vibrant area, especially at night.

Use exotic “plant furniture.”

As Japandi style gains popularity, cane—a plant sourced from parts of Asia—is taking on a larger role in landscape design. Play with an international vibe by pairing cane with other “plant furniture,” such as rattan, to help the backyard feel more like an escape

Pay attention to details.

Curate a corner of the backyard with matching seats, coffee tables, side tables, cushions, and throw pillows. This will create a focal point for the outdoor space and a lounge area where guests can relax and soak up the nice weather. You can also add a little bit of luxe with stylish vases, planters, and trays.

June 10, 2021.Realtor Magazine. 4 Easy Ways to Give the Backyard Instant Cachet.

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