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Cybersecurity Myths

Data breaches, ransomware attacks and scams – along with a steady stream of extortion and phishing emails have taken over the internet. We hear about cybercrime so often that it can quickly turn into white noise. That’s a mistake.

Here are security myths you need to stop believing about your data:

I don’t have anything worth protecting

You might think your data isn’t worth anything. All those free social media apps you sign up for – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat – aren’t free at all. When you sign the Terms and Conditions, you’re signing away your right to privacy, which lets the apps build a detailed demographic profile of you. The companies sell this information to marketers; that means your information is making these companies millions of dollars. So why wouldn’t hackers want to cash in on that?

I use security software, so I’m fine

Many people think that security software will act as an invincible shield between their data and hackers. Keep your operating system software and security software updated. Do the same for your other devices, including your phone and tablet.

Phishing scams are easy to spot

Phishing scams are becoming more sophisticated as hackers infiltrate companies, CEO’s personal accounts, and even government agencies. Realistic-looking extortion scams are making the rounds. Don’t buy it. The scammer got your email address and password from a data breach. If you are still using the combination of both, it’s best to change your password at the very least.

I use complex passwords

Nowadays, there are speedy programs people use to run billions of password combinations – and it only takes a second to run these potential passwords. You should use password managers and two-factor authentication.

I only go to mainstream sites, so I don’t need security software

When multiple sites have a detailed profile of you, that increases your chances of getting your data breached, since all companies are vulnerable to a data breach. Security software keeps you safe. It’s like two-factor authentication: a necessary step towards protecting your privacy.

September 3, 2020.Florida Realtors. Don’t Believe These Cybersecurity Myths.

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