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Tips for Conducting a Kitchen Video Tour

Video tours help home shoppers narrow their prospects during the pandemic. To help buyers get a complete feel for the kitchen, real estate agents should zoom in on the features and offer insights to help their clients avoid buyer regret.

The kitchen can be a tough room to show off in video, but it’s often an important aspect for buyers making a decision. Follow these tips to best show off the details:

Focus on appliances.

Zoom in on the appliances. Replacements can be costly if they’re aging. Do quick tests on all the appliances, and really look hard to see how much wear and tear the appliances have endured.

Close-ups of cabinets.

Inspect the condition outside and inside of the cabinets and pay attention to the hardware and hinges when helping clients judge the quality.

Comment on the plumbing.

Water lines are always important, including under the sink and near the dishwasher and refrigerator – the most likely areas to see water damage. It’s important to run the water while making these checks to spot any leaks. This is also a good time to assess how dated or current the plumbing is, and if anything was installed oddly or in a problematic fashion.

Scrutinize flooring.

Consider how much wear and tear has affected high-traffic sections of the flooring. Also, note to your buyers whether the flooring from the kitchen continues to the adjoining rooms or whether it changes.

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