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Exterior Things You Shouldn't Miss During a Home Video Tour

In the age of coronavirus, video tours are becoming the go-to alternative to in-person tours. But for prospective buyers, there's more to the process than asking the agent to show the chef's kitchen and that walk-in closet one more time.

According to the experts, these are outdoor places agents shouldn't overlook when giving buyers a virtual home tour.

Outdoor Components

This can mean a wide variety of outdoor amenities, tools, and other aspects that you see outside—all of which are important to making a smart offer on a home. Show them any exterior features that might impact a buyer's decision to buy.

All Four Corners Of The Lot

It's a good idea to stand in the corners of the property and pan around, showing all angles—not only to see the lot lines but to provide a better sense of how far the house is from each perspective.

The Neighbors' Houses

Show your buyers how close the neighbors are from the house they are considering.

The Landscaping

If there are a lot of existing trees and flower beds, this will require mulching, weeding, and regular maintenance. Most buyers don't factor in the added costs of paying a landscaper to mow and mulch. Take note of how close the trees are to the house and if they're healthy.

Walkways and Driveways

Just how long is that lovely tree-lined driveway? What's the condition? And how steep is it? If your buyers will live in an area that gets snow, they may think twice about driving up and down in the winter and paying for snow removal.

The Deck

Subtle details of wear and tear are difficult to see on a video, so be sure to zoom in to inspect for damage and structural integrity. Check to see if deck boards are in need of replacing, or power washing and staining.

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