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Tips for Looking Your Best on Video

A winning on-camera presentation is no longer just a noteworthy career goal; it’s become a professional imperative. That’s because doing business in the coronavirus age likely means meeting after meeting with prospects, clients, and other agents over Zoom, Skype, and other video platforms. But this shift in priorities may bring discomfort. Whether you use it for conferencing, livestreaming, training sessions, home tours, or “vlogging” (video blogging), video is a powerful tool.

Below are simple steps you can take to bring your A game to video:

Pay attention to your backdrop.

A messy background can reflect on you. Stage a 3-by-3-foot space as your video backdrop. Rather than a blank wall, consider setting up a nicely organized bookshelf or a console table with a lamp, pictures, or vase of flowers. Or, consider a backdrop that displays your real estate awards and license.

Clean the camera lens.

Stop filming with dirty phones. Cameras easily get filthy, and that affects video quality. You may use premoistened lens wipes before every video call.

Find your light.

Avoid having a light source directly behind you; your image will become a silhouette. Also, avoid sitting directly under a light, which can cast unflattering shadows on your face. Position yourself about 2 feet in front of a lamp or window. Also, consider investing in a small light to click onto the front of your phone or computer to brighten your on-screen calls.

Make eye contact.

Always look directly at the camera lens. Consumers need to feel like you’re talking to them. How to find the right spot? Move your finger in front of your device’s camera lens to pinpoint where you should be looking. Keep your eyes there the entire time.

Do a quick appearance check.

You don’t have to look like a superstar on calls but put in some effort. Don’t show up in a T-shirt or pajamas. Opt for solid colors instead of stripes or patterns. And avoid wearing all black or all white, which can cause camera exposure issues. Before going live, do a quick once-over: Inspect your teeth, smooth over hair flyaways, and smile. With your new, winning video appearance, you might actually look forward to on-screen calls.

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