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Types of Gardens for your Client’s Home

Now more than ever, potential home buyers are prioritizing outdoor areas, including gardens. Gardening offers many benefits: fresh air, exercise, and food for the table. It can be a shared or solitary activity in virtually any part of the country and any housing type.

Inspire your clients by sharing these types of gardens they can consider in their current or future home:

Victory Garden

Also called war gardens because they were planted during World War II to supplement food rations, victory gardens are again being planted for food and to boost spirits. Like many families across the U.S. prior to the pandemic, everyone is busy with work, school, or other activities, and rarely have time to spend together. Creating a victory garden may give them something to focus on as a family.

Container Garden

More clients are asking for container gardens because they’re easy to water, feed, weed, and tend than in-ground gardens. You don’t have to bend as much, and you can walk around the container. They also produce a visual delight that’s proportioned to human scale and can be changed easily for variety.

Therapeutic Garden

A therapeutic garden is a plant-dominated environment designed to encourage interaction with nature’s healing elements. The possibilities for these gardens vary widely, but they often feature sensory-oriented materials that involve sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste.

Children’s Garden

Most children will enjoy the process of seeing how vegetables, herbs, and flowers grow. After developing a sense of ownership, they’ll love eating the sweet fruits of their labor. Here are some tips for homeowners who want to get their kids involved.

- Provide kid-sized tools - There are gardening tools manufactured to fit smaller hands so they’re easier and safer for kids to use.

- Start small - The homeowner should pick a small plot, raised bed, or container for the child to call their own.

- Let kids help pick the plants.

- Set a schedule - The homeowners should set a time every morning or late in the day to water, weed, look for pests, and check plant growth with their kids, which helps keep them interested.

- Pick the yield - Your homeowners can plan a meal with their children using what’s ready for picking, which will give them a greater feeling of success.

Balcony or rooftop gardens

Any outdoor area can be transformed into a lush garden, even when not at ground level. For rooftops, you may cover the surface with attractive interlocking tiles. It’s a good do-it-yourself project for new homeowners. Owners should go with plants that might survive on a mountain, which offers an environment similar to the top of taller buildings with a lot of potential for wind. The biggest challenge for a balcony garden is that it may not get enough rain or sun due to a neighbor’s balcony above. Therefore, it’s important for the homeowner to hand water their plants or install drip irrigation.

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