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Upgrade Your Smart Home Office

You’re likely spending most of your time working from home. But your home office or workstation might not be fully equipped to handle how you’re selling real estate in today’s world. Now is the perfect time to set up a workspace with smart technology that will help you work more efficiently while you continue to serve buyers and sellers.


Your body’s sleep-wake schedule is controlled by your circadian rhythm. Smart bulbs, such as C by GE, can adjust the temperature of the bulbs from warm yellow glow to a bright blue-white light, allowing you to stay focused during the day and wind down during the evening.


People who sit for long periods of time every day have an increased risk of diabetes and heart disease. An adjustable sit-stand desk, such as the Airlift from Seville Classics, encourages you to stand—which, along with its health benefits, is said to increase productivity and makes you look better on video. The Airlift electric desk features a sleek modern design with a glass top surface and convenient USB ports located on the front of the desk that allow you to charge your devices.


Whether you’re on yet another Zoom call or sending a personalized video to a client, it’s important to have a nice webcam. You can pick up an affordable full HD camera that clips right onto your monitor—Logitech is a great brand with a few different options. You also want to make sure you have good sound quality. You can either use the same earbuds you use for your smartphone or, for a more professional sound, consider a USB or 3.5 mm microphone that plugs into your computer.

Multiuse charger

Working all day tends to drain your batteries—literally. Lumicharge is an LED desk lamp, wireless phone charger, and speaker all in one. The cell phone dock makes it easy to keep an eye out for messages while charging. The dimmable display can show your calendar or the time and temperature, and the speaker can be paired with your favorite voice assistant.

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