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How to Get More Referrals From Agents

While many real estate professionals focus on building a referral network with past clients, other agents can be some of your greatest sources for new business. But it works both ways: In order to receive referrals from agents, you must be willing to send some, too. Learn how to foster relationships with colleagues and get them to send their clients your way.

Below are some tips:

Target agents in specific locations.

Consider the markets from which people tend to relocate to your area and focus on networking with colleagues from those places at conferences and events or online. Making authentic connections is important and can be done online as well.

Vet the agents you refer to.

Research agents online, read their customer reviews, and evaluate their production numbers and the types of listings in which they specialize.

Give back to referring agents.

The law of reciprocity is critical to any successful referral network. You should send referrals to agents who send them to you. If you don’t always have a wealth of referrals to offer your network, you may contribute content, ideas or tips which they can use in their communication with clients.

Make sure your clients know you have a referral network.

You also want to make sure your clients know you can be a source of referrals for them. You may tell your clients if you know agents across the country in case they or their friends ever decide to relocate.

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