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Turn Your Sellers Into Buyers

While there’s always potential to turn buyers into repeat customers, the promise is even greater with sellers—many of whom will be in the market immediately to buy a new home. So, how can you make sure sellers will want to enlist your services for the next purchase transaction?

Applying these tips to your daily practices will help ensure your sellers return to you as buyers.

Be firm about pricing.

Nervous about losing listings, many agents often cave to the client’s pressure to list higher than appropriate when’s there’s client pushback and then watch the property linger on the market. By the time the seller agrees to drop the price, the listing may have already lost momentum—and the agent is blamed for the lack of offers. A sound and complete reason behind the price an agent recommends is something most sellers will recognize and respect. Listing at a client’s desired price with the intention of proving them wrong will only create tension. If you can’t see eye to eye, you’ll be more likely to receive bad reviews than repeat business.

Treat every sales pitch like an interview.

When you show up [to a listing appointment] with your research done immaculately, and you are present to discern their true needs by asking the right questions and giving careful attention to all of their concerns, they will know that they matter to you. As you learn about your seller’s goals, find out what their plans are for the future. Addressing their next move at the beginning of the relationship will urge them to start thinking about employing your help in finding another home.

Manage clients’ expectations.

Making clients’ experiences better than they could have ever expected starts with truly understanding what they’re actually expecting. Learn how much they expect their home to sell for and how quickly. Then walk them through the comps and your recommendation for list price. Discuss average time on market and how long it takes homes in their neighborhood to sell. Managing your clients’ expectations is easier with data in hand.

Don’t avoid uncomfortable conversations.

Client objections are common, and your success depends on your ability to respond to them appropriately. Some agents skirt difficult conversations, but issues pile up when clients’ homes receive little interest. Speak up. A lot can be solved with client cooperation. Avoiding these conversations prevents your clients from making the changes necessary to get their home sold, so don’t shy away from sensitive subjects. It’s your job to be honest, even when it feels brutal.

The nature of the business is competitive and staying ahead means offering the best service available. The above tips will encourage your clients to return to you for all their transactions and refer you to friends.

Talk to a knowledgeable Transaction Coordinator today! For your Transaction Coordination needs, Reach us via: Email: Call us: 407-801-2634 Check out our website:

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