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Home Design Trends Shaping 2020

Several home design trends are heating up in 2020. Look for daring color statements and unexpected uses of natural elements to accessorize and help transform home designs. Below are some promising design trends for this year:

Unique Adornments.

For example, leather accents and belts are being added to chairs and beds. Gilded hardware is popping up on cabinets and furniture. Ornamentation is creating more unique spaces.

Color statements.

The trend goes beyond just one accent wall. More distinct elements, such as upholstery, case pieces, and large statement art, will embrace this impressive trend. They key is to strike balance between incorporating bold color statement pieces with subtle, layered neutrals.

Natural Texture.

More home elements are taking their raw form. From household accessories to furnishings and textiles to home decor, natural texture will add visual significance, intensity, and depth to interiors.

Bold Patterns.

Large graphic florals and botanicals continue to be popular in home design. Embracing the wild side comes with color palettes reminiscent of camouflage and a pronounced focus on alluring moments in nature coming into play with design.

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