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Secrets to Winning Over More Buyers

Buying a home can be stressful. As a real estate agent, you get to see home buyers at their best — that is, the joy they feel when they step into their new home. But you first usually have to see them at their worst — the stress and tension they may feel in trying to find that perfect house. That puts you in role as adviser, friend, and counselor.

Some of the biggest benefits real estate practitioners can provide is helping them understand the home-buying process as well as pointing out unnoticed features or faults with a property. The majority say they are looking for an agent who can improve their knowledge of home-search areas and provide a list of service providers.

The following are suggestions for real estate professionals in better assisting today’s buyers for improved client relationships.

Be a Savvy Negotiator

Most buyers are satisfied with the real estate agents they choose, and they would recommend their agents to others. But there’s one area in particular they feel agents need a little extra work: negotiation skills. This and technology skills were the only areas where buyers expressed less satisfaction with their agents.

Don’t Be Slow to Respond

Behind only honesty and integrity, response time is rated as a “very important” quality in real estate professionals. So how quick is your response time? Real estate professionals ignore or respond too late to nearly 75 percent of customer leads that come in through online channels. Nearly half of agents did not respond to the Internet leads.

Have a Web Presence

As a determining factor for choosing an agent, reputation was rated No. 2 behind trustworthiness. For many consumers, online search has become a go-to method to find out more about a practitioner’s business, and one of the things they look for is other clients’ reviews. If nothing comes up when they Google you, some buyers will assume you’re not very established in your business, and they may have a tough time putting their biggest purchase in your hands. If it’s a Facebook page with some questionable photos, well, that won’t likely win you any clients either.

Don’t Dodge a Question

There are certain questions you can’t answer because of fair housing laws, such as “What kind of people live in this neighborhood?” or “Is this home in the best school district?” But if you just ignore the question or gloss over it, you inadvertently make the buyer lose faith in your knowledge about the market or feel like their question didn’t matter. Keep data on demographics, crime, and school reports with you, available at your Web site, or even in a special buyer packet you give clients when touring homes. That way, when they ask you a question you can’t answer, you can point them to where they can find it on their own.

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