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Small Updates to Prep for Showings

When it comes to selling a home, the small tweaks can sometimes make the largest difference. The more appealing a home is on the market to majority of buyers, the higher price it may fetch. It’s these small things that show pride of ownership. Buyers feel more confident in a transaction and can be more likely to pay a premium if they believe the home has been properly managed and maintained by a seller.

Below are some of the overlooked areas that can make the biggest difference:

Parking Space

One of the things that drives up your home’s value isn’t even inside the property. If you do not have one already, rent or invest in a parking space near the home. Nowadays homes without designated parking spots can make or break it for buyers.

Smell Test

The smell of a home has a big impact on first impressions. Sellers should watch what they cook when they have their home on the market. Make sure the home has a pleasant smell, but don’t keep candles or air fresheners in sight. You don’t want potential home buyers to think you’re covering something up.

Updated lighting

Swapping out the light fixtures makes a big difference, too. For example, replace old ceiling fans or light fixtures with more modern choices. If you want to do a little more work, recessed lighting gives any space a bright, modern touch.

Clean surfaces and crevices

Take note of those baseboards and tile grout because the cleaner they are, the bigger the impact. Clean or replace grout and caulk in the bathrooms to give off super-clean vibes.

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