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How to Prevent Hacking Threats

Are you doing enough to keep your personal data and that of your clients secure? Wire fraud, another prominent problem in the real estate industry, can cost your clients their entire down payment and unravel transactions in the final minutes. Below, we uncover a few of the vulnerabilities that real estate pros are facing.

Unsecure Wi-Fi

Using public or unsecure Wi-Fi enables scammers to gain access to your data. That puts your information at risk of being compromised. Take precautions when using a Wi-Fi network by disabling sharing on all your devices before connecting to public Wi-Fi and using a VPN.

Outdated Software

Many updates contain important security patches. Cybersecurity experts urge businesses to not fall behind on software updates, which can make their electronics and information vulnerable to hackers.

Weak Passwords

Studies show that millions of people rely on easy-to-guess passwords, which has been blamed for a growing number of data breaches. Security experts advise using stronger passwords as well as two-factor authentication, such as with the addition of a fingerprint or PIN.

Wire Fraud Scams

Hackers may send your clients an email that appears to originate from you or the lender and contains directions for wiring their down payment funds. Unsuspecting clients who follow the directions often lose their funds permanently. Security experts urge real estate pros to post warnings about such a wire scam to their email signatures and address the threats face-to-face with clients.

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