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Tips on Planning your Halloween-Themed Open House

Selling a house with Halloween on the horizon can be tricky. Maybe you want to decorate, but have been told over and over again to keep the space neutral, so buyers can picture themselves in the home.

Here are a few tips to help you prep for your Halloween-themed open house and attract potential buyers this month:

Tip #1 Decorate, but don’t go overboard

Halloween is not your ordinary day for an open house, so make sure that your property lives up to the occasion. Put your creative mind to work so that the house would look and feel like it’s really Halloween. Don’t turn your home into something that would look haunted and very creepy. Go for cute decorations such as Halloween-themed table decors and curtains.

Tip #2 Have some fun

Plan kid activities for the open house, such as a pumpkin corn-hole or ring toss. It will be well worth the effort, because both parents and kids can get in on the games while still looking at the home.

Tip #3 Minimize clutter

Just like any other open house day, Halloween is not an exemption to clutter the house with too many decors. Your goal is to ensure that the beauty of the house will get noticed rather than what’s inside it.

Tip #4 Give out treats

Turn the open house into a marketing stunt for the house. You can give out candies and other goodies just like in your regular trick-or-treat. You can print out some contact details and use them as ribbons or wrappers for your candies. This will serve as your “flyers” that you can distribute to those who’ll attend the open house.

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