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Act Like a Top Producer

Becoming a top producer takes time, education and a lot of hard work. Researchers have discovered that the most productive sales professionals have certain personality traits and work habits. Below are some of the pertinent findings applicable to real estate that may provide a good base for determining items that are important to your sales success.

Improve your response time.

Most agents blame follow-up failures on technology overload and different software systems, as some prospective buyers report not receiving a response from an agent after submitting a form online. To improve your response time, consider hiring an assistant or taking a more critical look at the systems you’re using for lead capture and follow-up.

Showcase the technology you use.

Putting your tech tools on display subtly suggests that other agents are behind the times and can give you a sales edge. Enabling faster response time, paperless transactions, and more fluid showings are reasons why a big percentage of consumers say they want an agent who uses technology.

Maintain a conscientious attitude.

Agents who feel a noble purpose in their work and want to make a difference in their customers’ lives tend to close more sales. Salespeople who truly care about their customer’s needs are able to be more assertive during negotiations. Show this attitude in your marketing by changing your tagline from “we sell houses” to “we help you sell your house.”

Make others feel grateful.

Givers are quick to recommend contractors and other professionals who can help a client reach a goal, and they’re not selfish with their time. Agents with a giving approach bring in more revenue than those with a taking approach and tend to earn more respect and trust from others.

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