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Ways to Keep In Touch With Past Clients

In real estate, there’s a fine line in keeping in touch with your past clients and becoming that annoying person who’s always calling, e-mailing, or mailing. There are plenty of ways to keep in touch without turning them off.

Below are some of their best ideas for keeping in touch with past clients. Find some inspiration from them and apply it to your own customer relationships.

Deliver some news they can use

Clients won’t be so turned off when you provide them with useful information, such as the latest news of the community and the local housing market. You may also offer home maintenance reminders.

Make your cards Memorable & Personal

Remembering important events in your clients’ lives and sending a card in the mail or a simple e-mail message can go a long way in building memorable relationships.

Give them a call

Follow up with your clients with a phone call a few days after they move in to check on how the move went and offer your assistance if needed. Phone calls for past clients’ birthdays or special days also can make a great personal touch.

Follow up with a survey

Use customer feedback surveys following a transaction. It’s a way to not only make contact with your past clients but also show them you care about finding ways to better serve them in the future. Sending customer-satisfaction surveys two to three weeks after closing is recommended. Keep the surveys brief, asking your customers what services they liked and what needs improvement.

Make Social Networking Connections

Social networking sites online can make it easy to keep in touch with past clients on an informal and more friend-type basis. You can use Facebook’s friend lists feature to group your friends into customized lists to better manage all your contacts on Facebook.

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