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Get Free Press for Your Business

The value of good press is undeniable. There are plenty of free public relations opportunities to bring awareness to your business that just require some advance planning and a little research.

Here are ways you can promote your expertise using local resources without spending an extra dime on marketing.

1. Community involvement.

Participating in local events will put you in front of more prospects. Go further than setting up the traditional trade show booth. Such involvement would likely earn you a mention on the event’s website and in printed marketing materials, as well as in local news coverage.

2. Media Kit.

A professional package representing who you are, along with your accomplishments and background information, can catch news organizations’ attention. A media kit also provides upfront information about you that reporters need, allowing them to publish your work faster.

3. Research the newsmakers you want to know.

Follow the ones who write about real estate, spend some time reading their articles, and get familiar with the news angles of their stories. When you reach out to them as a potential source, you will be able to better connect with them by recalling articles they’ve written in the past.

4. Write your own press releases.

Whenever you or your company celebrates a newsworthy occasion, write a press release about it. Not only will such content improve your search engine optimization, there’s also a chance that news sources in your area may print it.

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