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Boost Your Image as a Realtor

Real estate is a people business. It is all about making connections with people — and earning their trust. Your image can make or break those relationships.

Here are some tips for presenting a more polished image:

1. Listen.

Pay attention to what is being said and analyze what isn’t being said. Adjust your presentation to help your customers open up. You can do that by being open yourself.

2. Answer the phone.

Did you know that the one action that negatively impacts a real estate professional’s image the most is the failure to communicate on a timely basis? They simply don’t answer the phone and failing to do so impacts how you are viewed by buyers, sellers and other real estate professionals.

3. Dress for success.

Appearance is extremely important to leaving a good impression. For women, wear closed-toed shoes, avoid tight fitting or too short clothing and don’t underestimate the jacket. For men, wear a button-down shirt and dark jeans or dress pants. Again, a jacket is a completer piece that immediately gives you a polished look.

4. Be consistent

Whether you’re online or offline, the most important thing to keep in mind when building a brand is consistency. You have to be the same across all mediums— be relevant, be true and be genuine to who you are.

Always introduce others, give a firm handshake, say please and thank you, don’t interrupt, and admit your mistakes.

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