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Tips for Working With Buyers

Forming a productive business relationship with buyers starts with a counseling session. Here are a few important things you need to do at the outset.

1. Show Them Your Value

One of the main reasons for the consultation is to explain the whole home buying process and how a buyer’s rep fits into it. It’s something real estate professionals routinely do on the selling side. Many buyers use online search to find the homes they want, which is why the consultation is a great time to show exactly why they still need you. In order to function as a trusted filter for all the information available online, they need to be up on the latest data.

2. Set the Right Tone

When it comes to getting a buyer’s representation agreement signed, language and culture can be important. Allow your clients to take the wheel when preparing to sign the paperwork. Allow house hunters to specify where they want to look and for how long. The preamble’s emphasis on signed agreements can be a powerful ally in the argument for exclusive buyer’s agreements.

3. Anticipate Objections


Even if you follow a successful realtor’s advice note for note, you would have to be ready to field some common objections. Get as clear as you can on the objection and try to determine what your prospect is really concerned about, but don't push past the prospect's point of comfort. Sharing the Code of Ethics can help handle objections.

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