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Cement Customer Loyalty On Moving Day

Moving day is a pivotal point in the client-agent relationship when you can instill customer loyalty. Your clients may seek guidance on organizing their belongings, packing more efficiently, and finding a trustworthy mover.

Extend your customer service beyond the sale.

Try these methods for helping sellers achieve a stress-free move, and you’ll breed lifelong fans who will send you referrals.

Provide service recommendations.

Provide a list of reputable storage and moving services to your clients before moving day. It will save them the time and trouble to research such companies, and you’ll demonstrate your knowledge and connections in the industry.

Hire professional cleaners to prep the home for sale.

The last thing your client wants to do is clean a home they’re leaving. Offer to have it cleaned for them.

Help them with utilities, home services, movers/storage and mail forwarding.

It’s a great way to stay-top-of-mind throughout the closing and long after parting ways.

Digitize their relevant documents.

For apartment-dwellers and urban millennials in particular, stacks of paper documents are just one more thing that can get lost in the move. Throw it onto a USB drive, and give it to them after closing.

Give a moving day gift.

It’s a great treat to have a surprise waiting for you at your new home. A few ideas: have flowers delivered with the vase included, stock the pantry with bottles of water and snacks for move day. This tiny gesture goes a long way for your client and the movers.

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