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Top Reasons To Hire A Transaction Coordinator

A lot of agents out there are not leveraging their time effectively in order to grow and scale their businesses. When a real estate agent wants to increase their business, they have to take a closer look at their time management and determine where the inefficiencies are in their business so they can cut them out. Hiring a transaction coordinator is one of the ways you can offload some of those “time vampires” in your business.

Here are top reasons you might need a TC right now.

You want to take your business to the next level.

From prospecting for new clients, to hand holding to get them qualified and beyond, daily interruptions can derail an agent’s business growth. Hiring a transaction coordinator allows you to control your time by limiting interruptions once a contract has been ratified. The transaction coordinator will review contracts for compliance, and conduct all communication and actions throughout the process from clients, lenders, title, insurance companies, inspectors and more.

You don’t want to miss details.

TCs supervise every stage of a home sale, from a signed contract to closing. Chances are, you’re not intimately familiar with all the deadlines, timelines and clauses that need to be followed during a sale. TCs are – it’s what they do! Letting your TC worry about keeping things moving along will make the whole selling process a lot less stressful for you.

You don’t want to hire and train an admin.

Many agents know they need help, but they aren’t comfortable hiring and training an assistant. A transaction coordinator already knows the contracts and has systems in place. They can change things around to make them custom to how you prefer to run your business, without you having to advertise, interview, hire and train someone from the ground up.

You want to control expenses while increasing income.

Using a transaction coordinator can help you control your expenses and increase your income. Calculate how much your time is worth and what you could do with those additional hours saved by using a TC. If you are only closing 1 transaction a month right now, those hours could get you to another closing each month, doubling your income. Many agents include this fee in their compensation as an admin fee from clients rather than adding it to their own expenses, as it is a benefit for their clients as well.

Talk to a knowledgeable Transaction Coordinator today!

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