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Tips for Creating Compelling and Professional Real Estate Videos

You know that video helps sell properties like nothing else, but do you know how to create a video that potential buyers actually want to watch?

Refer to these tips as you market your next listing, and you’ll end up with a quality, professional video.

1. Pick the right video template

You will find a number of applications online that offer a variety of video templates for real estate. Choose from real estate listing, agent testimonial, property listing, or real estate explainer to get started easily. Apps like Camera Plus, Magisto, and Viddy make shooting video from your smartphone or tablet as easy as it’s ever been.

2. Use a captivating cover image

The cover image is your chance to make a great first impression. This thumbnail will appear on your video’s player page, and as the featured image when you share it to Facebook. Select the strongest exterior shot, or an image that showcases the property’s best quality.

3. Choose music that fits the property

Instrumental pieces are typically the best choice for professional videos. Don’t forget to keep your target buyer in mind. If the property in question is luxurious and expensive, perhaps go for a more classical and sophisticated piano piece.

4. Include your logo and contact information

When creating videos to promote your real estate listings on social media and beyond, it's important to include contact information so potential buyers, renters, or sellers know how to get in touch with you. Add a text block that includes your name and phone number, email, or however you'd like to be contacted.

5. Keep it brief and hook the viewer

Did you know that one-fifth of all viewers click away within 10 seconds of launching a video? The good news is that short videos often have a greater impact than lengthy ones. A stunning visual of an amazing house amenity is one way to go, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box and trust your instincts.

How do you use video to connect with your clients?

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