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Realtor Mistakes to Avoid on Social Media

Social media, though it’s one of the most effective real estate marketing tools, must be used with finesse and know-how. It’s a powerful marketing tool that allows agents and brokers to connect with potential clients on a platform which they’re already using.

Avoid these mistakes and you’ll be on your way to creating a robust community around your brand.

1. Lack of Interaction

The beauty of social media is that it gives agents the opportunity to interact directly with their potential audience. The goal of a post is not to blast out information but to promote engagement. So, if people are commenting or asking questions and the agent is not checking their notifications, potential clients may feel put off by the experience and take their queries elsewhere.

2. Inconsistent Branding

To truly maximize exposure, real estate agents should use a variety of social platforms. When appearing on multiple social sites, it’s important to keep personal branding consistent.

Something as simple as using the same profile and cover photo (appropriately sized for each specific site) can help present a unified brand. Recognizing a familiar face contributes to the process of creating a bond, and potential clients will remember an agent’s photo before they recall their name.

3. Going Off-Script

Script all video content thoroughly and rehearse it before filming, even when posting live content on social. Video content is a great way to showcase homes, and social media is an excellent place to put videos to gain exposure. Agents can post videos of home buying or home selling tips or give virtual tours. Viewers enjoy watching videos and can connect more with the content in this format.

4. Posting Listings Exclusively

The fastest way to lose followers is to be all business all the time. If an agent posts nothing but listings with no engagement-focused posts to inspire conversations, the audience will become bored and click away. Home buyers and home sellers are on social media for more than just real estate needs, and as such, they follow a lot of pages. Try posting two listings per week, filling the rest of your feed with probing questions and valuable content that addresses buyer or seller concerns.

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