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Tips on how to Benefit from your Competition

Understanding your competitors will benefit your brokerage because you’ll gain insight on how to put your own twist on sales and marketing techniques, reach an untapped audience, or cultivate strengths that are lacking in your marketplace. In real estate, as in any industry, your competition will serve as a constant reminder of what you need to do to attract customers.

Here are ways you can benefit from your competition to build your own business.

1. Dress the part.

Dress professionally but be the authentic you. Create a memorable yet professional business card to match your style. You should always look professional and be on brand.

2. Stay ahead of trends.

Set yourself up to be an innovator in your market. Attend real estate conferences and networking events. Shop at trade expos and do research. Follow your competitors online. Understand what they offer and what they don’t.

3. Approach each prospect with their best interests in mind.

When you legitimately care about your clients’ needs and well-being, you’ll naturally attract business, no matter what your competitors are doing. Don’t think about your commission, instead, concentrate on customers’ goals, outcomes, timing, costs, and expectations.

4. Invest in professional photography.

The DIY approach isn’t going to compare to hiring a professional photographer. We all have smartphones and take photos, but you need to hire professionals who have good lighting, even for all your marketing materials and mailers. You should also have an updated, professional head shot.

They key to benefiting from your competition is in how you respond to the knowledge you obtain about them. It is okay to adopt ideas from others, but it is important to apply your own company twist to them or even add on to them. The idea is to innovate, not imitate.

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