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Public Speaking Tips for Realtors

Public speaking is a great way to market your business and become known as an expert in your industry. But it rarely comes naturally and takes some practice. In fact, more than 70 percent of adults fear public speaking. But you don’t have to let that anxiety hold you back from delivering a strong, influential presentation.

Here are tips for keeping your cool and captivating your audience.

Tip #1 Don’t lose your Audience with Statistics.

You’re going to lose your audience if you’re only presenting dry figures and numbers. You can share those in a handout or by email. Just keep your main idea in mind as you’re developing your presentation and create content that helps you get to that point.

Tip #2 Practice.

We all know practice makes perfect, so don't just write out your talk, actually practice it. Do it in front of the mirror. Repeat it on the drive to work. Say it in the shower.

Tip #3 Keep it Simple.

There is no need to get poetic. This is especially true if you're speaking to a room full of potential client. Realtors tend to forget how important a decision and purchase this is because we do it every day. For the majority of the public this only happens a few times in a lifetime, so be sure your communication is on their level.

Tip #4 Speak to your audience.

Be it a whole room full of people or one client, communicate with your audience like you're on the same level. Humanizing allows the audience to relax and feel you are one of them, not above them.

How have you stepped up to the task of public speaking? Has public speaking been beneficial to your business?

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