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Relieve Your Clients’ Home-building Concerns

A lot of people have never gone through the home-building process and aren’t sure what to expect. Real estate professionals can give clients the confidence to move forward by providing them with information about how the home-building process works. As a trusted guide, you can offer your clients multiple paths for buying (or building) their dream homes. Below are a few tips to ease your client’s home-building concerns.

1. Summarize Costs.

Most clients have budget restrictions when buying a new home. Many also believe the common misconception that building a new home always costs more than buying an existing one. This is certainly is not always true and the sooner you can eliminate this idea, the sooner your clients can switch gears and start looking for land.

2. Manage Timelines.

Most people shopping for a home are on a timeline. Many clients want some idea of when they will be able to move. Fortunately, new construction usually includes a clear process with a defined timetable that allows clients to plan around a scheduled move-in date. It might look like building a new home always takes longer than buying an existing one, but clients can get their ideal home within a predictable time frame if they decide to build.

3. Compare Builders.

Nothing makes the dream of constructing a new home more real for your clients than meeting with builders. Getting clients in front of builders allow them to more fully understand the new construction process and what requirements each builder has in order to present an overall price. Visiting with builders early in the process also helps alleviate many of the fears and concerns a customer has and can give them the confidence they need to make an offer on land, she adds.

In a time where inventories are still low in many markets, building a new home can be a viable option for home shoppers. By educating your clients and making them feel more comfortable with the process, you can increase your new-home sales and help fill the housing gap in your area.

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