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Holiday Marketing ideas for Realtors

When you work with buyers and sellers during the holidays, not only are you working in a market with reduced competition, but your clients are usually fairly motivated. Internet searches for real estate peak during the holiday months, which means any marketing you do could bring more interested prospects to your website. Below are creative marketing ideas for realtors that can help you prospect and get great leads this holiday season!

1. Send Holiday Cards

You normally send out holiday cards to your close family and friends, so why not extend that courtesy to potential buyers and sellers? Consider writing a small, handwritten note on the card to make people feel important and closer to you. You’re also getting free publicity because people generally display the holiday cards they receive, so your name and photo will be constantly visible in their home.

2. Do Service

The holidays are a great time of year for people to do extra service for those in need. That’s why it’s a great idea for you as a Realtor to host some sort of community service project. Make sure you have real estate marketing materials available so you are transparent about who you are. Doing some sort of service is a great way to get your name out there and show that you care about the local individuals in your community.

3. Provide Gift Certificates

Offer a free “How To Buy or Sell a Home” class for community members. Provide gift certificates for individuals to give the class to their partner as a present. Schedule the class later in January, after the holiday rush is over. Even though your class won’t happen during the holidays, the people who sign up for the free class and give it as a gift, are likely to be in the real estate market in the New Year. You also establish yourself as a competent expert in the real estate field, and you can develop connection with class members.

4. Host an Open House Holiday Party

This is the time of year for families to gather together, and families love free holiday parties! Host the party as an open house for a home that you’ve listed; just make sure to get the seller’s permission first. When you host the holiday party, have snacks, cookie decorating, crafts, and holiday music playing in the background. This is a great way to get potential buyers to your open house, as well as connect and get leads in the neighborhood.

By using these marketing tips for Realtors, you can rise above the competition and get started on great sales in the upcoming new year.

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