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Optimize Your Real Estate Social Media Videos

With the rise of platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat, consumers expect more video from businesses to help them learn about products and discover new trends in the real estate world. From behind-the-scenes scoops to live open houses and neighborhood tours, video content engages house hunters and sellers alike. Agents who invest in video that’s optimized for social media will get a better return on the time and effort it takes to create this content.

Commit to a Clear Goal

Don’t just make a video to make a video. Look at your business plan and find a goal that can be accomplished or assisted through a social media video strategy. Contact a past client who has the type of home you want to sell more of and ask if you can do a “just sold” video of their property with a testimonial if your client is open to that.

Tailor Video Length

Be sure to keep your videos short and sweet. Also, each platform has its respective length requirements you must take into account. Instagram caps its videos at 60 seconds but ideal video length for this platform is around 30 seconds. YouTube videos, on the other hand, have no maximum length but are most effective when they stay under five minutes. For agents who want to create explainer videos, YouTube is the best bet.

Load Videos Correctly

On some social media platforms, it’s preferable to upload your videos natively, rather than posting a link to your video on YouTube. Native videos receive higher interaction rates and higher share rates on Facebook. On Twitter, native videos get better interactions because they are the only ones that utilize its auto play feature. Stagger the time and dates you post the same video on different sites so that people who follow all of your channels won’t get annoyed.

Video is one of the most powerful content tools on the internet at the moment. It provides a glimpse into an agent’s offerings and has the power to improve likability. Social media use is growing among all demographics and real estate agents need to be proficient in its uses today.

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