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Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Thanksgiving

The “Thanksgiving day” is a day for everyone to thank all of the fruitful things they have achieved or received and days they have experienced, all of the trials and failures they have undergone in their lives and a lot more. It is also good time of the year for real estate agents to review themselves and look back at their successful marketing strategies and plan.

Check out these Thanksgiving real estate marketing campaign ideas for entrepreneurs this holiday season:

  1. Treats for Clients & Referral Partners Start your Thanksgiving marketing plan by providing the gift of great foood to clients and anyone who frequently sends referrals your way. Food is always a winner and works well during Thanksgiving. You can have something sweet delivered from a local bakery, or hand out thank you gifts in person for extra impact.

  2. Personalized Email Marketing Make your Thanksgiving email marketing stand out by personalizing it for each client, and go the extra mile to create brief video messages for each person to include in your email.

  3. Host a Catered Open House Show some love to your prospects and clients, while obtaining marketing exposure for one of your current properties. Hosting a catered open house with all of the Thanksgiving trimmings is an excellent way to accomplish both goals. A catered party, where clients can explore the listing and feast on fabulous food, is a unique way to promote your brand, create lasting memories, and demonstrate how your business is willing to go the extra mile for clients.

  4. Raise Money/Supplies for a Good Cause What could be a better way to show your thankful spirit than by raising money or collecting supplies to a good cause? The holidays are a busy time for local charities in every area, so hosting a fundraising event, setting up a supply drive, or organizing a crowd-funding campaign are powerful ways to make a positive, public statement about your business while showing your goodwill in the process.

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