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Change Management

Change can leave you with a feeling of loss or remorse but once you have a solid understanding of the disruption that’s causing you anxiety, you can figure out the best way to control those emotions. While brokers and office leaders may do their best to get ahead of real estate disruption, some agents will inevitably still feel the pressures of change. If you, as a real estate agent, are having a difficult time, below are some steps for “change management” to help overcome the stress and anxiety that it brings.

Accepting that Change is Inevitable.

Change comes in various ways, but no matter what change is at hand, accept that it’s there. Once you know you’re going through change, you can anticipate your feelings, which is almost freeing.

Set Clear Goals.

Agents can do this individually or brokers can work with their agents to set goals for their business. Once you decide what your goals are, then you can make changes to your business plan.

Recognize Where You Are Now.

To get through change and reach your goals, you have to evaluate your current reality and what you need to do to get through the disruption. Outline the best ways for those to happen with the least friction.

Mindset is Everything.

Think of change as an investment in your business’s future. Whether it be through training, staying abreast of technology, or taking your business in a new direction, look at it as an investment in you.

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