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Building Trust Through Social Media

There are dozens of factors that contribute to the size, loyalty, and engagement rates of your audience on social media, and whether you’re interested in building an audience for a personal brand or a corporate one, improving those metrics is often your key to success.

Below are a few tips to set your social media strategy up for success.


If you post too often, people are just going to be annoyed by you and unfollow you. You may have great posts and information being sent out, but people won't really care after a certain point and will remove you from their news feed. If you're posting too little, they'll forget about you, or think you forgot about them. Lack of interactions on social media platforms show you don't care about the followers or sharing any information with them. Finding a balance between the two will build a trusting relationship with your customers.

Deliver Quality

In sharing your best content, people will begin to start understanding your company better, and looking towards you for information. At this point, you've already created great content that is worthy of sharing with people, so it has been fact checked, and revised. Trustable information looks professional, contains great information, and has no errors.

Avoid Jargon

Keep your posts simple and short, leading the reader to click through if they'd like more information. Give them a taste of what they'll get if they click through, and be sure to actually give it to them. To gain trust, it is important to be giving your followers information that they want, in a way they will understand it.

Show your Company’s Best

Show all your followers your best! Do you have positive testimonials from customers? SHARE THEM! Your followers will want to read about people like them who find your company helpful. If your followers can relate to your testimonials, they will trust you more. Since reach is so large on social media platforms, you can share your best customers with tons of people.


Facebook, Twitter and of course many other platforms make it so easy to interact with customers. Take advantage of the tools you are given and actually talk to the people talking to you. Those directly receiving responses will gain trust that you are a company aware of the little people (customers) and that you actually care about them.

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