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Increase your Audience and Build More Business

If you combine your market expertise with solid public relations techniques, the news media and the public will seek out your opinion — and, in turn, you will get more leads from the free publicity. This mix will increase your contacts, boost your reputation as an expert in real estate, and convince buyers and sellers that they want to work with you. By getting involved in local organizations, media, and government, you can show consumers in your market that you are the real estate expert par excellence.

Below are ways to reach a bigger audience and build more business.

Active Involvement in Trade Groups

Serving at a high level for a national trade group brings instant credibility. Associations at the local, state, and national level are often practically begging members to be on committees and boards. If your interest is in environmental building standards, historical preservation, downtown redevelopment, or another area of real estate, you may have many groups in which you could become active. Active involvement in even one group gives news media an identifying phrase to attach to your name that adds to your credibility and brings you ready fodder for news releases and blogs.

Know Your Local Media

Get to know the business editors and reporters of print, broadcast, and online media in your markets. Read or listen to their stories to find out the specific interests and coverage priorities of each of these journalists. Find out their deadlines and how they want news releases delivered. Make sure any news release you send is about real news.

Blog What You Know

Your blogs should be as specific as practical about the areas of expertise you’ve chosen. It’s a written conversation with the public and potential clients about your thoughts on real estate and what they should know as a seller or buyer. Don’t make it sound like an ad: Your blogs should be conversational in tone and informational in content. The more a reader of your blog learns about real estate, the more readily they will give you a call. Also, be consistent.

Know Your Legislators and Local Officials

All politics is local, and legislators will listen to you on specific issues dealing with real estate. Position yourself as someone who can be called for public hearings, and when you are, send press a release on what you said.

Gaining a reputation as an expert in your field isn’t as much about knowing more than anyone else as it is about making people aware of what you know. It takes work, but the payoff is a reputation that brings more business through the door.

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