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Making Connections at Open Houses

In a world where more connections begin online, face time with prospects and clients is your ultimate goal and holding an open house is an effective means to this end. There’s an opportunity to make a connection with every visitor, regardless of their motivations. Even if they aren’t ready to make a move today, the connection could lead to valuable business down the line. Here are a few tips for maximizing your ability to make a connection with open house visitors.

Design a hub for Conversation.

Some open house visitors want to tour the property on their own with little distraction and it may be more harmful than helpful to the relationship-building process to bombard them with questions or extra information about the home. Instead, make it more natural for them to come to you. Set up the kitchen as an intentional space for guests to congregate and connect with you.

Have something valuable to say to guests.

Small talk is a good way to initiate a conversation with visitors, but you must leave them with something of value to deepen the connection. Your knowledge about the area, including schools, flood zones, and taxes, are important in spinning the conversation forward.

Tell a story that resonates with attendees.

Many visitors are in and out, touring open houses quickly. A flawless presentation is often necessary to make sure guests leave with the info you want them to remember. A good presentation fosters trust and you can gauge whether or not there’s an opportunity.

Read the personalities around you.

The ability to quickly gauge the interest level of your open house guests will help you determine how to engage them. The people that walk through the doors of an open house are instantly able to determine if they trust you based on first impression. Agents must be able to act just as quickly. By listening intently to guests while soliciting feedback, you can determine their motivation for visiting the property and where they are in the buying process.

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