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Realtor’s Safety Talk With Buyers

Safety talk is a conversation far too many realtors omit from their discussions with home buyers. Most real estate safety information focus on how to keep you safe when meeting new clients during showings or at open houses. But safety from your clients’ perspective presents an entirely new set of issues.

Safety needs to be an added component in your discussions with buyers, too.

1. Educate yourself on the safety of an area.

You may quietly have some concerns over the safety of a neighborhood, and your buyers might express concerns of their own. As a real estate professional, you can’t be viewed as steering them to avoid certain communities. But you can tell them the importance of educating themselves about neighborhoods. Some real estate professionals provide a list of third-party resources for their buyers to check on crime statistics in an area.

2. Take extra precautions in distressed, vacant homes.

As real estate practitioner, you’ve been told to take extra precautions in viewing distressed properties, but you may need to warn your buyers too. When showing an REO, make sure it’s safe to go in. Do a perimeter search around the property before entering. Also, homes that have been vacant may have maintenance issues. Buyers and agents may need to watch their footing as they tour the house. Abandoned animals might be inside too. Never approach an animal. It can become hostile. Contact your local humane society or shelter.

3. Prevent buyer regret and illness.

Drug contamination, and how a home’s tainted history can get lost if it sits in foreclosure limbo. These drugs can seep into a home’s surfaces, and unsuspecting buyers who move in may face not only a range of respiratory illnesses or neurological problems but also a costly decontamination process of the home. Oftentimes, standard home inspections won’t turn up drug contamination problems either, but requires extra testing by specialists. Some real estate professionals have been trained to look for the signs or, buyers and agents sometimes may feel some of the signs when they step inside the property, such as a burning sensation in the eyes or throat.

Educating buyers about safety issues helps avoid trouble and, in the end, keeps everyone safer in a transaction

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