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Building Realtor Relationships

As a Realtor, the success of your business is entirely dependent on the quality of your business relationships. The key to your real estate sales success lies in creating and working hard to keep relationships that go beyond the one-time sale or listing.

Here are some tips for developing lasting client relationships:

  1. Be proactive. The biggest complaint heard from real estate clients is that communication is lacking and sometimes non-existent from their real estate agent. Your clients rely on you to keep them informed about the real estate sale campaign. You must promise regular feedback and progress reports and make sure that you honour your word.

  2. Be honest. Your client relationships will be short-lived if you’re dishonest with the information you pass on. Clients are informed and they’re smart. Without a reputation of integrity, you’ll never be able to cultivate the kind of long-term relationships your business depends on.

  3. Create value. The more value you offer, the more a client will be loyal to you, trust you and refer their family and friends to you. Your newsletters or blogs should be creative, full of market information, articles from property experts, and include content that’s useful and informative.

  4. Reward your loyal clients. Don’t become complacent with your long-term clients. Sometimes agents can become so focused on bringing in new clients and forget those they already have had dealings with. Reward these individuals (or businesses) with exclusive discounts, reward program offers, and the like.

  5. Always think long-term. Work hard to satisfy your client’s needs and you’ll have a client for life. You’ll become their preferred real estate agent and they will be a valued source of new and repeat business for many years to come.

The real estate industry always has been relationship driven. Whether you are a real estate agent, mortgage originator, attorney or appraiser, building relationships is what makes your business thrive. If you concentrate on these simple steps, you should build lasting and fruitful relationships with your referral partners.

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